Annuals you plant "annually"

We carry all the staple annuals that have graced New England gardens for years as well as the many newer varieties that have been making their way onto the scene recently.  Therefore, you can be assured healthy, lasting color all season long.  Inventory changes constantly, particularly during the months of May and June.  If we do not have a particular annual that you desire, please ask and we will attempt to locate it for you. While there are some annuals that overwinter, remember – annuals you plant “annually”.

Sun Loving Annuals
Sun Loving Annuals

Celosia (pictured)
Dusty Miller

These are some of the popular varieties.


Shade Loving Annuals
Shade Loving Annuals

Coleus (pictured)


New Guniea Impatient


These are some of the popular varieties.

Helpful Tips
Helpful Tips

There are annuals that tolerate more sun or more shade than others, but there is a few things that most annuals share in common.

  1.  They like to be hydrated, so water them.  There is not an exact science and consideration must be given to rainfall, region, time of year and other external factors.
  2. They like to be fed, so feed them.  There are any number of plant foods that claim to be the best.  They all come with directions.  Try different ones until you find one you like.  Some are organic, some are not.
  3. Some require “deadheading” for the best performance.  Deadheading means to remove spent blooms to make way for new blooms.  Set aside a few theraputic moments a week to give your plants a trim.

A little attention to your plants will pay dividends!!